People Planet Profit Venn diagram


  • Make annual donation of €1k to The Slow Factory (April)
  • Launch annual grant scheme of €500 for 10 under-represented 3D Designers (May)
  • Join 15% pledge for open beta launch (September)


  • 1 tree planted with re:earth included with each NFT purchase (April)
  • Awaiting CO2 Neutral website Certification with Tree-Nation (April)
  • Our NFTs are moving to the LUKSO blockchain that will run a Casper Proof of Stake Consensus. This will be considerably less energy intensive than a Proof of Work blockchain, as no mining is required to run the consensus.


  • Business to Consumer (B2C) marketspace model provides 80% of total sales revenue to creator
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) marketsplace model directs a 10% royalty fee to the original creator for all secondary sales
  • Our autonomous supply chain and marketspace enables the creator economy with low barriers to entry