THE DEMATERIALISED are creating a new reality for fashion.

Our purpose is to converge and nurture the emerging digital fashion ecosystem providing viable new revenue streams and visceral experiences with a Web3 marketplace for authenticated virtual goods.

Ultimately, our experimental yet empathic approach towards digital fashion assets aims to challenge the traditional fashion business models of production, consumption and ownership with a more transparent, efficient and equitable approach.


The Dematerialised is more than just a digital fashion marketplace. It is a space for action towards the responsible and equitable development of fashion and tech. We are tired of the fashion industry claiming big statements and taking no action. That is why equity, accessibility, and transparency are our top priorities and we are committing to launching new research and educational partnerships. We will announce our Action Plan in April 2022.

We advocate for equity, accessibility and inclusion.

  • We hold ourselves accountable for co-creating new fashion worlds in the metaverse and envision them as inclusive, creative environments where all identities and creations can be explored and embraced.
  • We are transforming the fashion system by establishing and providing new forms of ownerhip, experience, distribution, and creation by giving fashion brands access to tech and innovation.
  • We enable all creators, fashion designers, and brands to enter the digital fashion market, beyond their local economy and regardless of where they are from or how established they are.
  • We aim to make our services and products widely and easily accessible, as we contribute to bridging the digital divide and promoting an inclusive digital economy.

We take action towards digital fashions' environmental and social impact.

  • We recognize gaps in knowledge in Digital Sustainability in Fashion and commit to creating an open access Blueprint for Digital Sustainability and Social Impact in Digital Fashion.
  • We operate on the LUKSO blockchain, which uses Proof of Stake consensus instead of Proof of Work. This means that our NFTs are approx. 99% less energy-intensive and therefore have a lower carbon footprint.
  • We commit to measuring, reporting, cutting, and lastly, offsetting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero.
  • As a part of the emerging digital fashion industry, we plan to initiate the formation of the Digital Fashion Alliance, which will aim at sharing knowledge, best practices, and industry standards.

We are transparent and we grow with our digtal community.

  • We operate on LUKSO blockchain, an open permissionless ecosystem, fostering transparency and new forms of responsible production and consumption.
  • We commit to open-source research and open access education as we learn and grow together with our community. We will create monthly updates on our projects and initiatives and give space for questions and feedback.
  • We launch educational partnerships with international partners in order to share our expertise and support future creators and disruptors.
  • Digital Fashion Labour is important to us, that is why we are developing a standard for Digital Fashion Labour Transparency, around tools, designers, collaborators, and their wages visible in the smart contracts and on the product page.