THE DEMATERIALISED are creating a new reality for fashion.

Our purpose is to converge and nurture the emerging digital fashion ecosystem providing viable new revenue streams and visceral experiences with a Web3 marketplace for authenticated virtual goods.

Ultimately, our experimental yet empathic approach towards digital fashion assets aims to challenge the traditional fashion business models of production, consumption and ownership with a more transparent, efficient and equitable approach.


Karinna Nobbs

Karinna is an Edinburgh-born educator, strategist and pattern seeker. She lectures globally for renowned business and fashion schools, and has consulted with leading fashion brands and agencies across Europe, China and USA. In 2019 she founded HOT:SECOND a circular economy concept store trading physical goods for digital garment experiences.

Marjorie Hernandez

Marjorie is a Caracas-born architect, strategist and innovation consultant who has worked with brands and creative agencies across Europe. She is passionate about building new things and in 2015 she created and led the Innovation Lab of EY in Berlin. In 2019 she co-founded LUKSO, a blockchain for the new digital lifestyle.


Ana Andjelic

Brand and culture

Named one of the World's Most Influential CMOs by Forbes, Ana is a strategy executive and author of “The Business of Aspiration". She specialises in building brand-driven modern businesses and runs a weekly newsletter, The Sociology of Business. Ana earned her doctorate in sociology and worked at the world’s top brands and advertising agencies. She is a widely read columnist, speaker and advisor.

Theresa Austin


Theresa is an Experience Director with a 20 year background in digital luxury fashion and beauty. Originally from an arts background, she studied business management at Columbia University and has worked for Burberry and Net-A-Porter. She now holds a research role at LVMH, with a mission to explore future customer needs and support the creation of humanistic technology experiences.

Jessica Graves


Jessica is Founder & Chief Data Officer at Sefleuria, a consultancy that helps fashion & luxury companies use algorithms to scale sustainably. An expert on personalization & machine intelligence, she builds on a data science & strategy background featuring Ralph Lauren, Fast Forward Labs (acquired by Cloudera), and Thread Genius (acquired by Sotheby's).

Carol Hilsum


Carol has been creating innovative fashion-tech products since 2004. She drives innovation and growth through her own product development and by leading best-in-class product teams. Currently she is Senior Director of Product Innovation at Farfetch where she creates new products focused on future-gazing use cases.

Debra Langley


Debra is a Venture Partner with Lyra Ventures, a global fund based in Singapore that focuses on companies that are reinventing the business of fashion. In addition, she is a consultant to fashion, retail and related technology brands, providing guidance on brand and product positioning, international expansion, and funding strategies.

Lady Phe

Digital Culture

Lady Phe0nix is a curator of contemporary digital art and a passionate producer of creative works at the intersection of art and technology. She elevates and amplifies the work of artists through her virtual gallery Universe Contemporary. She is a leading voice for contemporary digital art and culture providing an essential platform for the art and artists of our time.