Frequently Asked Questions


We are an experiential marketspace for virtual goods. Supporting LUKSO and Ethereum blockchains, DMAT is the playground for web3, fashion and gaming communities. We are paving the way for a new luxury market segment, enabling brands, creators and users to access, trade and utilise digital lifestyle goods.
What is digital fashion?
Digital Fashion is a synthetic representation of a garment or accessory using either a method of pure virtualisation, photogrammetry or a combination of both.
What is a NFT?
An NFT is a non-fungible token. It is a kind of cryptographic currency that is non-divisible (this is the direct meaning of non-fungible) and it can only exist on a blockchain. It has two main roles, its first is that it gives digital assets a unique ‘on-chain’ identity and its second is that it has something called a ‘smart contract’. Within this smart contract it can store data on who has created the NFT and who owns/purchases it. The identity data and the ownership data are openly viewable on the blockchain and therefore transparency, provenance and creative sovereignty can be facilitated.
Do I need a cryptowallet to buy NFTs on THE DEMATERIALISED?

For NFTs on LUKSO: We use a system called Universal Profiles. When creating a DMAT profile, we automatically set up a Universal Profile for you. When you buy an NFT this is where it will be stored.

For NFTs on Ethereum: You will need a crypto wallet (we recommendMetamask) to have the asset transferred to you. You will be prompted to connect your wallet during the payment process or you can even choose to supply your wallet post purchase if you don't have one just yet. Once your wallet is connected, the asset will be transferred to you in under 24 hours. DMAT covers the gas fees for the transfer of the NFT to your wallet.

How can I buy the NFTs on THE DEMATERIALISED? What currencies can I pay with?

You can pay for your digital asset with a credit or debit card, Apple and Google Pay. We also accept these cryptocurrencies via Coinbase: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and DAI.

If you choose to pay with cryptocurrency, please ensure your wallet has sufficient funds to cover the gas fees for the payment.

How do I log into my profile on THE DEMATERIALISED?
To access your profile, go to the login page, enter your email and you will be sent a unique login link.
How do I log into my Universal Profile?
Logging into your Universal Profile that is connected to your DMAT profile will require a separate magic link. You can find it in your emails with the subject "Universal Profile Access Link". If you cannot find this email please request a new access link here.
Can I get a refund for an NFT I have purchased?
We do not issue refunds on successful NFT purchases or transactions. Should you have any customer service enquiries, our support team will resolve issues on a case by case scenario.


Mainnet is launched, why can’t I sell my items yet?
You will be able to sell your DMAT NFTs on the secondary market as soon as your assets have migrated onto the mainnet and the Universal Profile tools have been launched on mainnet. We are in the process of preparing everything for this migration, so that you can trade your NFTs as soon as possible. Please continue to keep an eye out for our announcements on Discord and Twitter for further updates.
Why has DMAT not done a drop on LUKSO Mainnet yet?
The necessary tools to facilitate a sale on mainnet (such as Universal Profiles) have not been released yet. We are in the process of preparing everything to support a mainnet launch. Future updates will be announced on Discord & Twitter - so keep an eye out!
What will DMAT’s first drop on LUKSO Mainnet be and when?
We are planning our first mainnet drops to be released in the first quarter of 2024. Once we have more details, we'll share them through our official channels.
What will happen to the items I purchased on DMAT?
The items you currently own live on the L14 network, which does not allow you to trade them. You will need to migrate the items you have purchased on DMAT on Mainnet in order to do so. For the foreseeable future, you will be able to see your items through your DMAT profile as a passive display, whether you’ve migrated them or not.
How do I migrate the items I purchased on DMAT on LUKSO Mainnet?

We will reach out to you once the migration process is ready.

The overall process will be:

  1. Log in to your DMAT profile, where you will be able to access a claiming process.
  2. Select all items that you would like to claim.
  3. Create your Universal Profile on Mainnet via the browser extension, or just log in if you have one.
How can I trade my items?
Once you have claimed your items with your Universal Profile on Mainnet, you can use to trade your items.
What happens to DMAT assets that were bought on different blockchains? Can they be displayed on my UP too?
Items bought on another blockchain than LUKSO cannot be displayed on your Universal Profile. These are visible in other wallets, like MetaMask and Coinbase. However, you can view and access them like any of your other assets on your DMAT profile.
Will there be a transaction or gas fee for claiming my assets on LUKSO Mainnet?
No, the transaction fees will be covered entirely by the LUKSO transaction relayer service. Read more here.
How long will the claim window be open for?
The claim window will be open for an indefinite period. We recommend you claim your items as soon as possible to ensure your ownership of the items on LUKSO Mainnet.
What happens if I don’t claim my assets? What are the advantages of having my DMAT assets on LUKSO Mainnet?
You will miss out on being able to use them on the Mainnet ecosystem. More and more tools will launch that will allow you to not just trade, but also use your asset in new ways.
When will I be able to claim my assets on LUKSO Mainnet?
We are in the process of preparing everything for this migration, so that you can claim your NFTs on Mainnet as soon as possible, aiming for December 2023. We will inform you via our official channels once the migration starts.