aespa x PAPER x DMAT

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real transparency

Every K-Pop fan needs a special guardian to accompany them on their metaverse journey! Inspired by the first alien featured in the 1998 “Dreams Come True” music video by S.E.S and reimagined by aespa, each æ-pet is uniquely generated by AI algorithm., we now introduce you to the third generation... ae-pets

Each ae-pet is uniquely generated just for you. Use them as your profile picture, play with their unique filter, and share your special powers online, these special friends are here to make your metaverse journey extra maegical (✿◠‿◠)

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How To Use
Owners can reveal the exclusive high-res PAPER covers of aespa.
Real Transparency
Digital designers and creative coders Carola Dixon, Samuel Raub, and Schirin Negahbani collaborated on the creation of these generative collectibles.