NINGNING’s Avant Garde Tie

aespa x PAPER x DMAT

Supply: 192 / 200

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real transparency

An emblem of strength and power, NINGNING’s Avant Garde Tie hovers like a butterfly. Free from physical constraints, this tie is also a gateway to a series of digital experiences. NINGNING’s Avant Garde Tie comes with an AR filter to wear the tie, exclusive PAPER cover and additional perks from DMAT.

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    Tokens MintedTotal: 200

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How To Use
Owners can reveal the exclusive high-res PAPER covers of aespa.
Real Transparency
Digital designers Romain Gauthier, Willem Stapel, and Schirin Negahbani collaborated with aespa, PAPER and DMAT on the creation of this virtual garment.
Included files: