WINTER’s ae-fit

aespa x PAPER x DMAT

Supply: 0 / 1

real transparency

WINTER’s Hair Clip is intricately carved from metaverse-mined metal. Created for a straight shooter, the crown is embellished with snowflake armaments and linking chains. With an AR filter to wear, exclusive PAPER cover and additional perks from DMAT, WINTER’s Hair Crown is not to be missed.

Asset Information
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Contract: 0x77AAF8F1...
  • Token ID: 2
  • Token standard: ERC1155
How To Use
Owners can redeem a concert ticket and a meet and greet opportunity with aespa.
Real Transparency
Digital designers Willem Stapel, Jiyoon Myung and Carola Dixon collaborated on the creation of this virtual garment.
Included files: