Supply: 0 / 200

The IC-0 Dimension T-shirt comes with a bespoke 3D audiovisual experience part of MCQ’s first ever collection of NFTs, created in collaboration with musician object blue and 3D artist Natalia Podgórska. The unique audiovisual space draws inspiration from magic rituals and the natural world, referencing sigils, crystals and the unconventional ecosystems of goblincore. Developed in an exclusive run of just 200 pieces, the custom space includes a digital T-shirt which features bespoke motion graphics with blinking eyes.

This NFT includes a 3D Dimension T-Shirt (FBX, GLTF, GLB) suitable for Decentraland and Unreal Engine, a 2D audio-video collectible (Mp4) and an AR Asset (UZDZ).

Anyone can experience the virtual space as an AR portal on Instagram here.

How to use:

Showcase it

Once you have invested in your NFT it’s time to build out your digital wardrobe and display your collection to others. Universal Profile (part of LUKSO) is the easy-to-use and secure space to store and showcase your virtual goods to the world.

Capture it

Only for iPhone users currently. Press the AR icon on the bottom right of the interactive 3D file to capture it in AR and bring it into your own environment now.

Port it

A fun way to use your digital fashion asset is to wear it on your avatar in-game. Fluid interoperability doesn't exit yet but this game-ready version of your NFT wearable can be uploaded into Decentraland and used in Unreal Engine.

Experience it

Experience the garment through an AR portal on Instagram.