The Screenwear Robe


Supply: 43 / 500

The number one reason for buying digital fashion isn’t speculation — it’s shaping and sharing your identity.

This is just one of many insights we found in the biggest global study ever of peoples dreams and desires for digital fashion.

This gorgeous, genderless gala robe flaunts a graphic pattern inspired by QR codes and render errors. It’s a wearable version of the report that unlocks early access to our findings.

This NFT includes early access to The Screenwear Report (.pdf), an AR Asset (.usdz), 2D collectibles (.mp4 and .pngs), and comes with a Snapchat filter and Instagram AR lens.

How to use:

Unlock it

Owning this NFT unlocks early access to download The Screenwear Paper - the first wearable fashion report.

Showcase it

Once you have invested in your NFT it’s time to build out your digital wardrobe and display your collection to others. Universal Profile (part of LUKSO) is the easy-to-use and secure space to store and showcase your virtual goods to the world.

Capture it

Only for iPhone users currently. Press the AR icon on the bottom right of the interactive 3D file to capture it in AR and bring it into your own environment now.

Snap it

This drip includes a Snapchat lens where both iPhone and Android users can play with the NFT to place it in their own environment or try it on.

Play with it

You can play with your NFT using Instagram's AR lenses. Visit Virtue or DMAT's profile and simply open the filter to create a post. We will re-share as many as we can so don't forget to tag us! #DMATxVIRTUE